Top 7 Myths About IVF That Should Debunk

Myths About IVF, ( In Vitro Fertilization) is a 40 years old technology that helps couples who are struggling with infertility. The 1st IVF baby was born in 1978, and by 2012 this number increased to 5 million. It helps you to realize your dream of getting pregnant. The IVF technology includes numerous procedures to treat the genetic problems or other conditions that prevent women from conceiving the child. IVF treatment is meant for both men and women. This incredible assisted reproductive technology uses both medicinal and surgical methods to treat infertility. It is the safest and cost-effective way to elevate fertility. 

Reproductive endocrinologists retrieve the female eggs and help the male’s sperm to fertilize the egg. Then they place the fertilized egg (embryo) in the woman’s uterus. The success rate of In Vitro Fertilization treatment depends on many factors, and one of them is age. As per the American Pregnancy Association report, young women have more probability of becoming pregnant with IVF. The researchers found that women under 35 have 41% to 43% having a baby with IVF treatment, whereas this rate falls to 18% for females above 40.

IVF increases your chances of conception, yet some people have a plethora of myths about this technique. Here we are going to clear some big misconceptions about IVF.

Top 7 Myths About IVF That Should Debunk

Baby Is Higher Risk Of Birth Defects

It is a common myth among people that children born with in-vitro fertilization are born with defects and do not possess optimal weight. But, there is no evidence for that. Indeed, the research has revealed that the malformations in IVF babies are very low. They are as healthy and normal as the babies who are born naturally. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a vital part of IVF treatment. PGD decreases the risks of genetic disease in babies.

IVF Is Expensive

Many people have a misconception that IVF treatment is very expensive and only rich and high-class people can take it. In fact, the IVF treatment cost in Chandigarh is affordable and inexpensive than many other surgeries. Hence, middle-class families can also afford this treatment. It is not going to burn your pocket. The IVF treatment is an incredible and reliable way to become parents. 

IVF Is Not Safe

IVF is the safest treatment for infertility. With IVF, you will be able to enjoy the safest pregnancy. No risk associated with IVF treatment and is among the most trusted fertility treatments. This treatment is carried carefully under the supervision of a highly experienced reproductive endocrinologist.

IVF Increase The Risk Of Getting Cancer

Some goofy people think that the IVF method increases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. However, it’s just a myth, and there is no scientific proof to support this misconception. During IVF treatment, some drugs are used to increase the number of mature cells in women, and as a result, their estrogen levels fluctuate. But it does not increase the risk of cancer in females. 

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You have to stay in the clinic for several days.

Another popular myth about IVF treatment in people’s minds is that they have to stay in the clinic for many days. Indeed, the couple has to visit the doctor for an egg collection procedure and need to stay there for a few hours only. 

IVF Technology Raises The Chances Of C-Section

IVF pregnancy is similar to normal pregnancy, and the chances of a cesarean are equal to a normal pregnancy. It is not the case that a woman who becomes pregnant with the IVF technique is more likely to give birth to a child from a C-section.

IVF Is Not For Obese People

Whether you are thin, obese, or normal, IVF treatment can be by anybody. Yes, obesity indeed acts like a snag in conceiving a baby naturally. But when it comes to IVF, the weight and body shapes do not affect the fertilization process.

The Bottom Line

IVF technology is a completely safe and reliable way to boost fertility. If you are facing trouble in conceiving, you should try IVF treatment.

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