Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android Phone 2019

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You
Are you obtaining the foremost out of your Android?
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Hidden Feature For Android Phone The robot versus iPhone discussion continues to rumble on. however, one factor is certain: Google’s phone code is a lot of versatile and customizable than Apple’s giving. poke into the settings and tweaks out there for your robot phone and you will realize a bunch of clever options and helpful tools. We’ve collected ten of them right here. Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

A quick note before we tend to begin: the robot includes a wide range of makes, models, and versions, that makes it tougher to search out options which will be consistent across all devices. we tend to solely verify the subsequent tips about stock robot seven.0 Nougat—they ought to conjointly work on connected systems, however, a number of the menus and procedures might vary slightly.

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1. solid your robot screen

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Recent versions of robot go with Chromecast mirroring in-built.

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For a variety of years, you have been ready to broadcast your robot phone or tablet’s show to the larger screen of a tv employing a Chromecast. additionally to beaming video from all the standard flick and television apps, this streaming device will mirror your phone. profit of a mirroring road within the fast Settings pane, that you access by dragging down from the highest of the screen with 2 fingers. you must realize a solid choice during this menu. Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

If it does not show up, there is different to line up mirroring. First, check to form certain you’ve got put in the Google Home app for the robot. you most likely already used this program to line up your Chromecast. Open the app, faucet solid screen/audio from its menu, so select your Chromecast.

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2. Run apps side-by-side

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Need 2 apps side-by-side? the robot will facilitate.

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One of the new options superimposed in robot seven.0 candy is that the choice to run apps side-by-side or one higher than the opposite. This read comes in handy after you need to show photos, optimize your social networking, or multitask, though it is a bit too laggy for vice.

the icon below the screen button, and select that of your recently used apps you would like to examine. Then, hold and drag that app’s title bar to the highest or left of the show. Finally, select another open app to look aboard or thereunder. Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

Meanwhile, here’s another connected tip: Double-tap instead of single-tap the summary button to quickly switch between the 2 apps you have been exploitation last.

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3. Create Text And Pictures A Lot Of Visible

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Change the scale of on-screen objects.

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If you are troubled to examine what is on the screen—or, as an alternative, if you would like to cram the maximum amount content as attainable onto the show and do not mind doing a small amount of squinched on the way—you will center or out on text and objects.

To change size settings, open the robot Settings app and move to the show heading. From the show menu, faucet the Font size link to vary the default font size in the robot. choose the show size link to form on-screen objects larger or smaller.

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4. Modification Volume Settings Severally

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Android helps you to modify multiple completely different volume settings.

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Your device plays many different kinds of audio—including ringtones, notifications, alarms, phone calls, and media. If you have ever gone to the Settings menu, opened Sounds, and tapped  Volume, you will have seen that you just will use individual sliders to regulate these audio varieties separately.

However, the robot offers you a quick-and-easy road. faucet the physical volume buttons on the facet of your device to form whatever is presently taking part in softer or louder (if no media is taking part in, this action can modify your ringtone volume). after you do, the little box can crop up on the screen, showing that volume setting is dynamical and the way. On the facet of that box, you must see the little arrow. Tap it, and also the box can expand to indicate multiple volume sliders right away. this will prevent a visit to Settings.

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5. Lock Phone Borrowers Within One App

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You
Screen Promise

Screen promise locks the phone user into one app.

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What happens after you need to lend an exponent or young friend your phone—but don’t desire them ontogenesis through your personal data or posting to your social media accounts? Screen promise helps you to be generous while not let alone your privacy. promise one app to the screen implies that your phone can solely run that app till somebody enters the lock screen code once more. basically, the user will not be ready to access the other elements of your phone while not your code.

Screen promise is straightforward to line up. Open Settings move to the protection menu and change screen promise. Once you’ve got turned on the feature, launch the app your friend has to use. Then open summary by the sound the sq. navigation button below the phone screen. On the window for the foremost recently opened app, you must see a pin icon (it feels like a touch thumbtack) within the lower right-hand corner. faucet the pin button to pin that app to the screen.Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

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6. Disable The Lock Screen Reception

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Smart Lock offers you an alternative of the way to unlock your phone.

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To keep your device safe, you would like to line up a PIN code or a fingerprint scan to unlock your phone. however, this makes it a lot of inconvenient to access your apps. Google’s good Lock feature helps you to take away this obstacle, providing you with instant access—but only you are safely reception.

From Settings, faucet Security so good Lock. in addition as disabling the lock screen once you are a reception (that’s the trusty places option), you’ll be able to conjointly disable the screen once your phone’s Bluetooth is connected to a trusty device, like your automobile stereo unit.

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7. Tweak The Standing Bar

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

System UI Tuner may be a hidden menu within the robot.

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The standing bar may be a skinny strip at the highest of the screen show that shows you notifications, your phone’s current signal strength, and battery life, among different icons. due to a hidden settings menu referred to as System UI Turner, you’ll be able to choose precisely that icons can seem within the standing bar, and tweak additional settings for don’t Disturb mode and notifications. However, this menu solely became out there in recent versions of the robot, thus older phones might not permit you to use it.

To change it (if it’s out there on your phone), swipe down from the highest of the screen with 2 fingers to indicate the short Settings pane. find the settings gear icon within the high right, then press and hold it for a number of seconds. If you see a confirmation message, meaning you’ve got with success enabled Settings UI. after you move to the Settings menu, you must see a brand new menu entry referred to as “System UI Tuner.” faucet on this new entry, then select standing bar to manage that icons— from Bluetooth mode to battery levels—will show up within the standing bar. Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

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8. Select New Default Apps

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

The ability to line default apps is one distinction between robot and iOS.

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One of the variations between robot and iOS is that Google’s mobile software package helps you to select completely different default apps for net browsing, texting, viewing photos soon. A default app is that the app that opens mechanically after you attempt to do one thing on your phone—so after you click a link, for instance, your default applications programme app can open that link.

Take advantage of this flexibility by fitting the defaults as you would like them. Head to Settings, then Apps, then faucet the cog icon within the higher right corner. choose any of the classes on a screen to examine a listing of put in apps which will take over default duties. for instance, if you’d opt to chat with friends via Facebook courier, instead of your phone’s constitutional SMS app, you’ll be able to create Facebook’s product your default electronic messaging app.

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9. Bring Back Lost Notifications

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

Android keeps a record of notifications, however, it is often difficult to search out.

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Accidentally swiped away one amongst the notifications that you just wished to scan fully? Got an ill-natured sense that somebody emailed you, however, currently you are not sure? If you would like to review all of your recent notifications on the robot, you are in luck. This ability is possible—though the choice is not straightforward to search out. Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

Tap Associate in the Nursing hold on an empty a part of the house screen and a screen-adjusting mode can crop up. select Widgets, and realize the Settings road. Drag this icon to Associate in the Nursing empty house on one amongst your home screens and drop it in situ, and a listing can mechanically crop up. select Notification log from the list and faucet the icon to open up Android’s notification history.

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10. Activate One-Handed Mode

Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 - UltraTech4You

David Nield/Popular Science

As today’s phones still grow in size, they become tougher and tougher to work one-handed. thus Google’s custom keyboard, that is that the choice on sure robot phones includes a solution: A special one-handed mode that you just will switch to with a straight road. If you own a picture element or Nexus device, this keyboard is your default writing choice. If you are on a Samsung or LG phone, you will have to 1st transfer Google’s version and set it as your default keyboard (as incontestable in tip 8).Top 10 Hidden Feature For Android 2019 – UltraTech4You

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