The Best Tech Gifts to Buy During Christmas Sale

‘Tis the season for shopping! Get out your hard-earned money and get ready to spend it, smartly, on the stuff you’ve been eyeing all year. From gaming to gadgets, there’s something ready to be snagged by the likes of you and we’re here to steer your boat in the right direction. Tech is always churning, evolving, and tantalizing taste buds of enthusiasts, and what better time to get a good deal than Christmas sale?

So let’s go on ahead and start listing some amazing buys ready for the taking!

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless

A portable powerhouse. The Apex Pro Mini Wireless has a mouthful of a title but it lives up to its name by offering features aplenty. Whether you’re aiming to get this baby for burning the midnight oil while gaming or for typing purposes, it won’t disappoint in either category. We will mention though that the mini in its name is for a reason as the form factor on this keyboard is 20-30% smaller than its bigger, best-selling brother. 

And that’s why it’s a good buy for those looking to buy a keyboard that can be packed into a backpack with ease. Lug this around with your other belongings and whip it out whenever you’re in the mood to link it with your Windows or Mac laptop. 

Amazon Kindle 11th Generation

Readers will come to appreciate this device for the easiness and accessibility it offers. Amazon Kindle offers a stellar experience for those looking to wind down with a good (digital) book. With up to 16 GB of stock memory on board, you can even go ahead and stack up your books into this device to pick them out for later. Additionally, there’s a week’s worth of battery life ready to serve you with a single full charge so don’t shy away from equipping this device with you when travelling. 

Sony WH-1000XM5

For the dedicated listener. Sony’s flagship headphones have been leading the pack for a while now and with their latest iteration, the XM5s, they’ve only raised the bar higher for competitors. These bad boys now come with an extra set of microphones to do a better job of canceling out noise and offer a more chiseled experience in their ambient sound feature. 

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity has also been upped, offering a stable connection when connected to your device(s). The design too has been given a refresh, becoming bigger but also rounded in all the right spots to offer a plush, comfortable fit on the ears. 

HiSense U8K

Packed with mini LED technology and staying below the $1,100 price tag, HiSense has done a good job of settling its flagship TV right in the marketing hotspot. The U8K offers 4K picture quality along with HDR and a 144 Hz refresh rate. Since it’s a smart TV and comes integrated with Google, users get all the apps they’d need to experience just how brilliant the engineering is on this machine. 

With so many apps available at the user’s behest, we’d recommend siding with Spectrum TV if you’re looking for one to stream all your favorite movies & TV shows. Spectrum Internet Packages offer a slew of offers that range from budget-friendly to premium and are sure to capture your attention. A good TV is all you need to make full use of Spectrum’s capabilities. 

Valve Steam Deck

Valve’s efforts to revive the portable gaming device era have resonated well with gamers. Consider a PSP but elongate it to the point where its screen becomes a 7-inch IPS LCD behemoth with two ergonomic handles on either side sporting analog controls. The Steam Deck is what has brought back portable gaming in all its glory and we now have the likes of Sony and ASUS clamoring to push out their own version of the product. Good show!

JBL Flip 6

Every party needs a good speaker to amplify the vibes. JBL offers an exemplary set of electronics, especially speakers that can get a party going. In this case, the JBL Flip 6 slides into our listicle as the number one choice for a music lover. When it comes to portability, waterproofing, and good battery life, you can’t get something better than this. 

Plus, the form factor is such that you can easily stuff it into your bag and take it along with you. The rubber-capped ends and water-sealed ends come as welcome precautions for the speaker when it’s present inside a pool party. 


That’s a wrap on all the tasty tech we have to offer you. Remember, you’ll be able to get good deals on the aforementioned products provided you act fast. Christmas sales run out pretty fast so do your research fast and then start shortlisting the stuff you’d want to get. Oh and, Merry Christmas!

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