Apps Are More Powerful than Ever

By 2023, it’s anticipated that 5.2 billion people will possess a smartphone, a 62% increase in only seven years, implying that more than one-third of mobile users will be able to run applications on their devices. 

When you consider that app downloads have gone from just over 20 billion in 2016 to well over 35 billion in the first quarter of 2022, it’s evident that apps are a popular method for people to connect with their phones. Whether you use a mobile phone for watching movies or betting on the MLB Picks Today, it is no secret that phones are an integral part of life nowadays. 

Apps Continue to Become More Robust

Because of the widespread development of mobile applications, there are apps for just about everything: shopping, travel, fitness, gaming, entertainment, and much more. As of June 2021, Android users had a large selection of over 2.9 million applications to pick from, with 100,000 new ones being added each month on average, while iOS users had a gigantic 4.3 million apps to choose from, with less than 30,000 being added each month.

Many business-related applications are also available, addressing topics like productivity, planning, and communication. Many of them are ‘generic’ applications made by large names in their sectors – for example, those created by search giant Google – but some corporate mobile apps are built by a mobile app development firm on a customized basis expressly for certain businesses and organizations.

Apps Provide Several Advantages

Customer retention is aided by having your app on someone’s home screen, which may assist in reaffirming your position as the solution to their requirements when they need what you offer: particularly if your application is useful in other ways. 

Staying “top of mind” with clients

It is significantly more convenient for the user to click on your app than to visit your or a competitor’s website, even if they have bookmarked the latter.

Data collection

Apps may collect user information on the user’s behavior, purchasing habits, and other aspects of their lives.


It’s simpler to communicate with your clients and prospects when you use an app, which includes the immediacy of being able to capture their attention and maybe drive action via, for example, push notifications.

Personnel interaction

Information may be provided quickly and simply to employees, whether they are logged into an internal corporate site or are working from home or another distant location.


Workplace productivity may be improved by using apps to facilitate interactions with coworkers and outside contractors. After that, you may say goodbye to time-consuming paper-based reporting.

Apps Have Some Drawbacks

While apps have come a long way, there are some limitations. It isn’t always a good thing to use an app just because it exists – the value of using it has to be considered.

Inability to concentrate

Simply having an app for the sake of having one might be counterproductive and a waste of money: knowing precisely what you want your app to do and coming up with a business case to back it up is critical.


Building an app isn’t as simple as it may sound, but enlisting the help of seasoned mobile developers for business can take care of a lot of the hard work.


Your app will need to be updated on a frequent basis to keep up with platform modifications from companies like Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). Companies that provide mobile app development services are aware of this and would put up a package that includes continuing updates.

The Price of Developing a Mobile App

It depends: an app might have as many or as few aspects as the company needs, and development expenses will reflect this. Apps differ in functionality from simple information sources to fully-fledged eCommerce platforms. 

Will it be a multi-platform app that can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms, or will it be a single-platform software? If you’re seeking mobile app development services and live in or around London, for example, this will affect the pricing if you search for “iOS development London” or “Android app development London.”

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