6 Tricks To Cheap Travel To The Maldives

Cheap Travel To The Maldives, Can you travel cheaply to the Maldives? The answer is YES, YOU CAN. But … with certain nuances or limitations, of course, traveling to the Maldives on your own is easier than you think and in this post, we are going to give you a few tips to get to know this paradise in the cheapest way possible.

The Maldives, trust us, are not just overpriced resorts. At first glance it may seem that they are not within the reach of backpackers’ budgets, however, if certain measures are taken so that expenses skyrocket, the whim can be affordable

6 Tricks To Cheap Travel To The Maldives

1. Choose the flights

Whether it is going to be expensive or not depends on where you take the flights from. Obviously if you leave from Spain or any European country the flights are not cheap (not to mention America, here our South American friends have it more screwed up). Although there are always punctual offers with flights for about 400-600 euros round trip to Male. In fact, more and more large companies fly to the capital of the Maldives, even sometimes it is the stopover airport to reach Asia. If like us, you are visiting India or Sri Lanka, the flights are cheap. Round trip can cost 100 or 150 euros.

2. Choose the accommodation

If you go to resort date by jxxxdo! The prices are high and the catering services, excursions, and other extras as well. Solution: local islands. We already told you: there is the Maldives beyond the resorts. Obviously, if you want to sleep in the cabins on the water, which you saw so many times on TV/internet… you will have to pay a good sum of money, but if what you want is a double room, with a private bathroom and breakfast, it is very easy to get Offers for about € 40-50 / night.

There is even accommodation for about € 20-30 / night. You just need to search and have some luck. But € 50 is not bad either, eh!

If you need a hand to find a place to sleep in paradise … take a look at our post with updated offers of the best cheap accommodation deals in the Maldives.

3. Choose the island

We traveled 2 times to Maldives. On our first trip we spent an unforgettable week in Danghethi, a lost island on an atoll south of Male. The second time we set foot in the Maldives we visited 4 islands: Maafushi, Gulhi, Huraa and Dhiffushi.

After having visited all of them, we are clear that if you have, for example, a week of time, it is best to focus on Maafushi ((where there are more hotels resorts, restaurants cafes and especially cheap tours) and on Gulhi (a short distance from the first, with a spectacular beach and A LOT of peacefulness).).

If you have much time, we would add a few days on your trip to visit Dhiffushi (most beautiful, although the tours are somewhat more costly) or Danghethi (Digurah, close to this island there is another, which looks very beautiful).

4. Choose the transport

Check the options to get to the island. Almost all of them can be reached by local ferry, the truth is that the ferry networks are extensive and inexpensive. For example, we pay about € 2.5 for a 1-hour ferry plus another 4 and a half hours. If the only solution is to arrive by private boat (speed boat), prepare a minimum of $ 20-35 to arrive (depending on the distance), plus another as many back! Not to mention the seaplanes… these are exclusive! Come on, using the local ferries is the best way to travel cheaply to Maldives!

5. Choose where to eat

On every island there are at least a couple of cheap restaurants. Ask at your accommodation! There are many varieties of snacks based on fish or sausages that cost about 3 to 4 ruffias (around € 0.15). Dishes like fried noodles or fried rice cost 30 or 60 rf (in cheap restaurants) and 70-100 rf (in more tourist places). Also take advantage of the fact that you are on the island: fish is usually one of the cheapest dishes (especially tuna). Come on, what about 50-120 rf per person you eat well! (about € 3-7 to change).

Trick to save: each hotel usually includes 1-2 bottles of water a day. You can take them to restaurants and save money on the drink, it is something quite common and they will not tell you anything, in addition the natural juices are usually quite expensive and the drinks too (they are small in size).natural juices typically very costly and the beverages as well (they are small in size).

6. Choose the excursions

Going to the Maldives without doing the odd excursion… it’s a real shame! If you want to know the marine world, live the experience of stepping on a sandbank, swimming with whale sharks, mantas, turtles, spending a day in a resort … anything is possible 🙂

Of course, if you want to save a good little money, it is best to do the excursions / tours from Maafushi .It is the place where there is more demand and supply so costs are more competitive. Example: half a day with two scuba diving stops and costs $ 25 in Maafushi while in Dhiffushi, at a similar cost you just make them scuba diving stop or the sand bank

More prices: $ 100 excursion to see and swim with the whale shark , $ 100-150 day in resort (with food and drinks included), $ 20 snorkeling + sand bank and Gulhi, etc …

In this post we tell you how much does it cost to travel to the Maldives as a backpacker? But if you have more questions, here we are. We hope that with this article with tricks to travel cheap to Maldives we have convinced you that paradise is not only available to a few!

If you need a hand to find a place to sleep in paradise … take a look at our post with some of the best cheap accommodation in Maldives .

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