5 Best Clean Master Alternatives To Optimize Your Android

Find out about the best and working Clean Master Alternatives you can use. These alternative apps are quick and work seamlessly to optimize the Android device. 

Are you looking for Clean Master alternatives?

With the current scenario in our country and the tension spiking up between us and the neighboring country, it becomes a prime responsibility of us as citizens to utilize the entities that are in alignment with our feeling of patriotism.

The Clean Master Alternatives app finds its origin from China and we strongly support this initiative by the government. We can definitely replace it with some of the alternatives that are better than this app. 

Top 5 Clean Master Alternatives [Alternative Apps For Clean Master]

These apps work really well and are developed by the authentic sources which you can trust. For this reason, we have curated a list of the alternative apps for Clean Master. All of these apps are readily available on the Google Play Store. Without any further ado, let’s check out the list of such phone cleaning apps below. Clean Master Alternatives

1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Clean Master Alternatives This is one of the best Clean Master alternatives that can work to free up space on your phone. This phone cleaner app is standing tall with authentic usage and reviews on the Google Play Store and is dedicated to providing you a device that is lag-free, fast, and clean. It is a complete optimization app. This app is rich in features that can help you manage your digital life with ease. 

The best part about using this alternative app for Clean Master is that it comes with a robust and free Anti-malware that keeps your phone safe from malicious intruders. It has CPU Cooler, Notification Manager, Application manager, and other such features that can help you manage your phone. Check out some of its fantastic features. 


  • Speed Booster to give a visibly faster device in just a tap.
  • Battery Booster to save up the battery for a longer duration. 
  • Junk Cleaner to wipe off residual files, cache, temp files, APKs, empty folders, etc. 
  • Duplicates Cleaner to find out and delete similar looking photos. 
  • Social Cleaner to help you get rid of the media files downloaded via your social media handles. Clean Master Alternatives

Offered By: Droid Tonics(Germany)

2. Norton Clean

The main aim of the Norton Clean is to provide you a clean device. This alternative app for Clean Master deploys many features to increase the overall performance of your slow device. The features in it offer you ways to view and then clean your phone of the junk files or cache files. It is a simple app that focuses majorly on cleaning your Android device.

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If the storage of your phone is still suffering after the removal of the junk files, you can choose to manage the apps on your device through App Manager. Clean Master Alternatives It can help you transfer your app from phone to SD card or may send you suggestions to uninstall bloatware or the apps that you do not generally use. There are simple and limited features in this app but they work for good. Have a look at some of them. 


  • APK File Remover to remove app packages that are of no use. 
  • Memory Optimizer to reclaim memory by deleting unnecessary files. 
  • Junk Remover to analyze and safely delete junk files. 
  • App Cleaner to remove cache files stored on the individual apps. 
  • Cache Cleaner to clean residual cache files from your Android smartphone or tablet. 

Offered By: Norton Labs(USA)

3. Avira Optimizer

This Clean Master alternative is a memory optimizer and aims at speeding up your phone by cleaning the memory of your Android device. Avira Optimizer is a great app for cleaning but it may not be that diverse in providing you with the features as the other cleaning apps these days.

The best part about using this alternative app instead of Clean Master is that it comes with a Smart Lock. This feature works to automatically lock your device when it is in a bag or a pocket. You can even wave your hand to lock your device. Isn’t that interesting? Check out some of its features. 


  • Phone Booster to increase the speed and performance ability of your phone. 
  • Create battery profiles and switch them as per your requirement. It also implements a battery saver. 
  • Features to incite erasing of your browsing history, call logs, text messages, and other such confidential data. 
  • RAM Booster to speed up the phone by killing memory consuming tasks. 
  • Cache Cleaner to clear temp files, junk files, duplicates, etc from your Android device. Clean Master Alternatives

Offered By: Avira Operations GmbH(Germany)

4. Phone Cleaner

Super Phone Cleaner is an entity that helps you swipe away the junk and to release significant storage space on your phone. This can work efficiently to maintain the overall health of your android phone. This Clean Master alternative implements features that can cool down a heated device and hibernate the apps that are heavy on the resources of your phone.

Clean Master Alternatives May it is annoying notifications or the cache field, this app aces in cleaning them all effortlessly. If you are looking to create more space on your phone or to increase its overall performance, Phone Cleaner is the right choice for you. It comes with a 1 tap boost that can boost your device in just one tap. Check out some of its fantastic features.


  • Junk Cleaner Master to clean junk from your device,
  • Speed Booster to clean RAM and to increase the speed of your phone. 
  • Memory Booster to release memory and free it up so that your phone can operate at high speed.
  • CPU cooler to cool down the temperature of the CPU. 
  • Notification Cleaner to mute or to get rid of the unwanted notifications.

Offered By: Super Cleaner Studio

5. SD Maid

It can be taken as another great Clean Master alternative if you wish to optimize your Android device. It is a compact app that has a number of assets that can help you manage stored apps and files on your smartphone and tablet. Clean Master Alternatives This phone cleaning app is a simple tool that aces in optimizing the performance of your device using its basic features.

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  • It helps in finding out and deleting the redundant media files like music, images, or documents. 
  • It offers scheduled functioning of some of its features. 
  • Works to find out the detailed overview of the entities stored on your device. 
  • It is prompt in cleaning crash reports, logs, and other such files that hover over the storage space of your phone. 
  • Supports easy sorting of various files on your phone. 

Offered By: Darken (Germany)

Winding Up

Clean Master Alternatives These were some of the most reliable and trusted non-Chinese apps that you can use to clean your devices. Some of these apps are multipurpose and provide additional tools for the complete optimization of your Android smartphones and tablets. 

We recommend Advanced Phone Cleaner and Norton Clean the most. Do try these apps and let us know about your favorite one in the comments section. Oh and sharing is caring, so in case, if you come across another non-Chinese app, do share it with us! Clean Master Alternatives

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