Top Effects of Social Media on your Kid’s Education 2020

Effects of Social Media on your Kid’s Education Learn about the good and bad effects of social networking sites on your kid’s brain

Effects of Social Media on your Kid’s Education

Social networking has transformed our day to day life due to many innovative variations. With the advent of technology, it’s easier to communicate through emails, instant messages, video calls and many more.

Although we can’t disregard the importance of social media in teaching and learning, it also comes with some disadvantages. The effects of social media on learning can be immense when you don’t watch what your kid does online.

Check out the negative impact of media on education:

1. Bullying

Bullying is one of the effects of social media on learning. People access social media platforms from all over the world. Your child can easily communicate with strangers, and this can affect them in different ways. There are child predators online preying on naive kids, and your child can encounter bullies when online. 

Humiliation and the negative effects of social media on socialization can affect your child’s studies. If your child uses their device to chat with strangers online, search “sell your phone” online, and you’ll get websites that can assist you in getting rid of the gadget. You’ll also get compensated with some cash in return!

2. Degraded performance

The internet is only helpful when used wisely. Your child should only share personal information with trusted people since it can be misused, and this can affect them. Addiction is another notable drawback; if your child gets addicted to the internet, this can affect their studies resulting in poor performance. Besides, kids may waste a lot of valuable study time online.

Take away

There are many adverse effects of social media on learning. Although the internet has several benefits, if not used rightly, it can negatively affect your child’s performance. For this reason, limit the time your kid spends online and encourage them to designate some of this time for revision.

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