How To Choose Between An External Or Internal Hard Drive

How To Choose Between An External Or Internal Hard Drive

How To Choose Between an External or Internal Hard Drive

There is this question that floats in everybody’s mind is whether one must buy an internal hard drive of the external one? When there is the need to buy the hard drive for your PC, there comes a question of whether how to decide between an internal hard drive or an external one. What is the major difference between these two and how choosing one can affect performance, convenience, and speed? Well, there are numerous factors which are going to help you decide whether which one is the best option for you. External Or Internal Hard Drive

Internal Hard Drives vs. External Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are the hard drives that are included inside your PC. These hard disks are not at all portable unlike the external hard drives and can only be used by the computer in which they are fixed. There are basically two types of hard drives: the HDD and SSD. HDDs which are also known as hard disk drives. These hard disks use rotating disks to store the information. This means, the faster the hard disk drives are going to be, the quicker your computer is going to be. These hard disks are not very expensive and can also provide huge amounts of storage. External Or Internal Hard Drive

The SSDs are lightning-fast an if you consider speed more than the storage, then this is the best drive for you. They are very durable and do not get corrupted easily. Although the SSD’s do not come with big storage, if you are looking for something huge with fast speed, then it is going to be very costly.

On the other hand, the external hard drives aren’t located inside your computer, and they provide an external space for the hard drive. You need to connect it to your computer or laptop through USB. there are a variety of capacities in which the External hard drives are available. some of the hard drives can be connected to the Wi-Fi an allows the information to be shared to more than one PC. External Or Internal Hard Drive

Benefits of Internal hard drive:

It is true that the internal and external hard drives are similar in many ways, but the benefits of each one varies. One may be more suitable for someone according to their lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of buying an internal hard drive:

  • The internal hard drives provide a great amount of space to store large amounts of data.
  • Going for these hard disks are cost-efficient when compared to the other forms of media.
  • The internal hard disks can easily be replaced as well as upgraded so that a computer can run smoothly.

Although the internal hard drives have the benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. They need re-installation if they must be upgraded or replaced. External Or Internal Hard Drive

Benefits of external hard drive:

  • These hard disks are very portable and are used by the people who travel too often. They are also very light in weight and can be easily transported.
  • These hard drives can easily be connected to many computers. You can easily connect them without any special formatting
  • They do not require any installation and can be used with any computer. If you are looking to expand your space, then these can prove to be beneficial. There is also the security of data as it can easily be removed and can be put to use very easily. External Or Internal Hard Drive


When you are choosing a hard drive between internal or external, you need to ask yourself whether what are you looking for. Do you want a hard disk like Western Digital WD800AAJB with 7200 RPM speed or you would want something more portable, which can help you out on your long trips? You cannot go wrong with any of them as both have their own benefits. Just make sure whatever you buy, the hard drive is easily compatible with your PC. External Or Internal Hard Drive

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