Top 7 Gaming Industry Trends 2021

Gaming Industry Trends, Significant growth in mobile applications is found in 2020-21, chiefly because of the pandemic. If you are a company owner, you must remain current with all the latest technological trends to stay ahead in the match.

Top 7 Gaming Industry Trends 2021

Virtual Reality (VR)

Many mobile application development companies consider VR one among the latest app trends within the game development market. In Gambling businesses, Virtual Reality plays a crucial role by providing an immersive experience to your audience.

Some VR headsets such as play-station VR, Oculus Rift, and htc-vive provide their audience precisely what they want. Would you like to benefit from the mobile gaming increase? If yes, then opt for the hardware apparatus appropriate for your VR game app.

Comparatively, the cost of such VR headphones may appear expensive to you for today, but later on, it may vary later on. Soon they might be cheap for most gamers seeking low-priced cans. VR benefits mobile application development companies a great deal, and it is but one of the critical skill based game development trends to think about.

Augmented Reality (AR)

If you never know more about technical jargon, then consider Pokémon Move as the ideal example that increases massive popularity in less time. Pokémon Move uses Augmented Reality and the mobile game industry statistics to have over 750 million downloads.

While VR presents you with an entirely new Earth, AR is equally essential as it changes the current world. Technologies like GPS, computer graphics, and others create real game life to a game. Though AR has not entirely developed yet, Pokémon Go’s popularity gives all a quick glimpse of AR’s potential. In a word, we can mention that AR is just one of the top video game trends that most Android and iOS developers can elect for.

Face Recognition

It might sound crazy for you how face recognition is on the list of skill based game development app trends. But virtually all security-based applications use face recognition for security goals.

You can even use this on your video gaming to make it even more desirable, as players love having fun together with their look-alikes.

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5G Technology

The calendar year 2021 seems to have an exponential gain in 5G connections, which will be roughly 100 times faster than 4G networks. This usually means the mobile application you’re designing to plan must be compatible with 5G networks. Your program may bore users at the expected future as a result of advancements in technology.

5G tech is available with 100 Gbps of rate. This type of high-energy network may lead to standard data transmission using 1.4 billion devices worldwide next five years. Developers can use 5G technology to develop compute-intensive apps like AR, VR, along with 4K video streaming. Such a high-speed system may also design features that enhance business operation in various industries.

Beacon Technology

Beacons tech hasn’t attained much success since its evolution. Beacons are small transmitters that release BLE (blue tooth low-energy) radio signals.

Beacon technology expands your customer base by designing a precise mapping and executing a more competent solution display. Beacons additionally help developers to spot their audience and to employ personalized supplies according to their requirements.

Block chain Technology

In 2021, many start-ups, SMEs, and ventures may raise the use of applications powered by block chain.

Block-chain presents many advanced solutions for application development that can improve transparency and decrease development expenses. Many block chain development businesses utilize this technology to give security protocols and also to eliminate unauthorized access.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Just about all these iOS and Android game improvement businesses use cloud technology to get and store data more securely and quickly. It can improve the flexibility and scalability of one’s match and also saves development costs. This technology provides a much superior customer experience.

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