Green Tea and Green Coffee | Do They Really Work?

Being healthy and having perfect bodily beauty is all that each one of us is craving nowadays. Practicing daily activities like detoxifying the toxins from our body to keep the glow and good health intact is one of the major activities that all the health freaks are rushing towards.

Green Tea and Green coffee

Lately, we saw our television was flooding with the advertisement of such detoxifying drinks that help to keep the body clean and flush off all that is not needed in our body to be healthy and look great. Green teas and green coffees are topping the list with the same concern. It is now like a fashion to have tea, which is green in color and even has benefits to make you healthy and thin just after a month or two of its use.

The claims for green coffee and green tea in comparison to simple water –

It claims to be a healthy, caffeine-free drink, energy booster, fat cutter and that it shall twirl the magic wand and the body will be free of toxins. Do we believe the same? Many people might say that it is a fact that has dicey answers, and it is legit right!

It might be detoxifying our body to an extent but are we sure about the fact that it is not harming? If you have tasted any of the above, you will get to know that it immediately makes you feel hot and you sweat a bit.Feel the energy boosting like you slept for an entire day and now you are fresh and energetic. If you have also felt the same that is because of the product named caffeine the tea and coffee. Even though they claim it is caffeine-free, it is quite not possible.

In the ode of detoxifying our body, we might fill our bodies with a great number of toxins and chemicals, that might not affect us for now but in the long run, it might cause something to our body, which we would never know was the reason of the so acclaimed detoxifying drinks being served in the market.

Water is the base for weight loss and the base ingredient of green coffee and green tea –
On the other hand, the counterpart of these detoxifying slow chemicals products that people are fond of in the present frame, water is the main basis of life. The life all depends on the water, even our body constitutes 75% of water within its thick and corner. Heating it and drinking with lemon and honey is a remedy from the times of nomads. There is nothing better than that, it is sure to cure you, make you thin and detoxify each toxin present in your body.

Even the big shot detoxifying drinks keep their base to be hot water and the actual benefits reaped in our bodies are from the goods of hot water. However, as of now, there is no banging proves to say that the detox drinks are harmful but water shall always remain the father of any such creation.

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Two of those fixings—green tea and green espresso—may as of now be a piece of your everyday wake-up routine, but on the other hand they’re sold in supplement structure as green tea and green espresso separate. In the event that fat misfortune is your objective, would one say one is extricating better than the other? It’s an ideal opportunity to place these two green titans in a straight on fight for fat-misfortune matchless quality!

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