How Effective is SMS Fundraising?

Mobile messaging has become a growing channel for fundraising for non-profits and political parties. But before you get started with this marketing method, you might be wondering just how effective you can expect it to be. For it to have the desired effect, it’s important to carefully plan each part of your strategy, including how you are going to figure out which people are interested in engaging via SMS, how the SMS program can be integrated into your overall fundraising strategy, and more. Here’s more about how effective SMS can be in politics.

Why Text Works Well for Politicians

When you are getting started with political advertising, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed with the vast number of options available to market yourself or your political party. Flyers, TV and radio ads, billboards, and mass emails have long been some of the go-to options for political advertising. However, these channels are no longer as effective as they used to be for many voters. Because of this, SMS marketing is a popular choice in the world of political advertising. Campaigns are relying more heavily on texting to get the word out there using programs like Tatango for Democrat SMS fundraising.

How Texting Can Support Your Campaign

SMS marketing can also help to support any other forms of communication that you are using to advertise your political party during the campaign. For example, supporters can simply text their email address to a short code to join your email list, or you can use SMS messaging to get attendees for fundraising events. Texting is one of, if not the, most direct way for your campaign to stay in touch with voters, making it an extremely useful choice when it comes to building and maintaining momentum.

How Many People Can You Reach?

Reports have found that almost eighty percent of people say that the best way to reach them is with a text message. When you are pushing a political campaign, keeping voters engaged and up to date is vital for your success. As texting has become the easiest and fastest way to communicate with the majority of people, it’s no surprise that it has become a main priority for political campaigns. Texts are much more likely to be read almost immediately compared to other forms of communication, with around ninety percent of text messages opened and read within three minutes of receiving them.

How Easy is SMS Political Fundraising?

SMS is a popular choice for political fundraising since using integrated tools allows you to easily ask for both one-time and recurring donations. Text messages can contain opt-in links that easily allow supporters to skip filling out online forms. This process of eliminating as many additional steps as possible can make a huge difference to your success, especially when deadlines are close. You can also use SMS to send schedule reminders to long-term donors, while staying in close contact with the people who support your campaign.
Text messaging is highly effective for political campaigns, so it’s no surprise that this mode of marketing is becoming a crucial part of political messaging during each election.

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