Easy How I Make My Curly Hair Routine?

How I Make My Curly Hair Routine?

My hair is already washed, condition deep, tangled everything I usually do my whole wash routine the night before my washing goes just to minimize all the filing time in the morning. And I leave my deep conditioner in overnight, which is the raw shay and Cooper to fridge defense can match flashing moisture.

I love using his cam as before a wash and go because it just really helps to moisturize and prep my hair from a washable style. It helps to decrease Friz, which is so important. We want as many definitions as possible. the reason why I wear a turban over top of my conditioning cap is just to make sure that it doesn’t leak on my pillow or anything while I sleep.

Sometimes it can leak through the deconditioning cap. So wearing a turban over top of that overnight definitely helps me make sure that that does not happen. So as you can see, my hair is really, really moisturized.

It’s pretty much already super, super defined, but I’m just going to go ahead and rinse out my deep conditioner now and get ready to start applying my products to style on my watch himbo. So once I have all of the deep conditioners out of my hair, I’m just going to split my head into two sections.

I’m going to put one side on one side of my head and then I’m going to split this other site into two parts so that I can start applying the products. If you have a bigger head or thicker hair than me, you may have to do smaller sections than this. But this section size usually works for me. So the first thing you want to do is drench your hair with water. The more water your hair has, the less fresh you will have and the more shrinkage you may be able to reduce.

This will also really help to define the curl a lot better. So the first product I’m going to be applying to my hair is my lead and conditioner, which is the “. It is super moisturizing and it has a lot, a lot of slip. My hair is pretty much always tangled, but I just like to use it to do any last-minute tangling.

The fewer tingles and everything that you have when you do a wash in gold, the less you’ll have when you go to do a cold wash or the next wash. You do after this.

I always use a lot because I just feel like it gives me the most definition. And I also keep adding more water because it helps to add here the product to the hair.

Next, as my styling, I’m going to be using the sister products to this, which is the l’oréal homme strong hold gel. It is the ultimate solution for a super shiny look and an extended lock for your hair colors.I love this stuff as well. It gives me the shine and gives me moisture. It gives me the slip. It gives me the volume is just the best gel, in my opinion, for my hair type. As I apply this, the gel also continued to add more water to my hair.

I’m telling you guys, the wetter your hair is, the less frizz you’ll have and the more way down your curls will be. So you may be able to reduce some shrink is using this method as well. Not a lot. Your hair is still going to shrink up, but the more water, the better.
I’m just going to do the same process on the rest of the sections of my hair. And I’m going to go step by step in this next section so that you guys are very clear on how I do this. So the first thing I do is drenched my hair with water.

Like I said, reduces, spreads ways the hair down and just really helps to adhere the product to the hair. Then I just apply Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray and me just kind of rub my fingers through. As I said, I did my whole wash routine the night before. So this process is really easy.

you want to focus a lot of the product on your ends. These are the driest and they’re going to get the driest, the quickest. So the more moisture you add, the longer you’re watching, the will be able to last you.

Next, I’m applying my gel souffle on top of that. And of course, adding more water is needed. And then, of course, I just repeat that same process on the rest of my hair. This chart shows. So as you can see, my hair is still dripping wet.

That means that the product is adhering to my curl in its most stretched out form, which is what we want. So once I’m done, I’d like to kind of pull my hair back. I like my hair to go back when I wear wash and go. So I just push it back to my head and then I apply some to make him black, cast oil to only the top part of my hair.

All you apply it to like my edges and then like the top section because it kind of gets frizzy up here sometimes. And I feel like you’re making my castor oil just really helps to smooth the hair down. So that way when I drive. It drives nice and frivolous.

Next, I like to do the shake method to get rid of any excess water that I have in my hair before I hop out of the shower. Doing this will help to make sure that you’re not walking out the shadow of dripping wet hair, but it also doesn’t disturb the drying process of your curls. You may feel a little crazy, a little dizzy afterward, but that’s because it works.

It works. So last but not least, as I mentioned, I like my washing goals to go back. So I usually just pin the front part of my hair up. Not in any specific way, just to help make sure that my hair dries going back and not like in any weird shape. So this is what my hair is looking like now. It’s still pretty wet. But the shake method does release a lot of excess water, which is great.

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