How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money

How A New Blogger Can Start Blogging

How To Create a Blog For Free:- Blogging is a great way of earning money online. It can be an alternative career for you. If you have any type of expertise or experience, you can share your knowledge or experience through blogging.

In this article I will show you how a new blogger can start blogging. As a new blogger, you should not spend money to start your own blog. You can start your blogging at (pbn) personal blogging networks. There are many sites where you can start your own blog without spending money. Make Money Online

What are the Best Places for Start Blogging

There are many places who are offering you blogging opportunity.

Let’s see the best of them

  • Blogspot
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Minds

How To Create a Blog For Free And Make Money

All the above sites are very popular. If you start your own blog there, you can easily get some traffic.


Blog spot is the most popular place to start your own blog for free. It is Google’s own platform. You can easily signup at blogspot with your gmail account. Blogspot are offering 15 GB free space for each gmail account.

You can use your own domain name as well as sub domain.

Blogspot also offering you to choose the theme, so that, you can design your blog as you want. You can also add here some important widget like social media sharing.

You can also monetize your blogspot account through Google AdSense.

If you want to start blogging, just signup at blogspot and start sharing your thoughts and experience.


In my opinion medium is the best place for start a blog for a newbie. It is very easy to start your own blog. You don’t need to setup themes and widgets here. Just signup with your email account or Facebook account and start writing your thoughts and experience.

You can also earn money from your blog at medium through their partners program. If your articles are good enough and interesting, traffic read your articles, medium will pay your money for each read.


Reddit is very popular social platform where you can start your own blog or you can write on other’s blog at reddit.

Reddit is web 2.0 platform.

Just signup at reddit and start following some blogs.

Before start writing at reddit, you should read their policy. Reddit is very strict about their policy.

If you have some good knowledge or ideas, you can write here. You can get much traffic to your blog from reddit.


Tumblr is also very popular web 2.0 platform. You can start your own blog here with your subdomain.

You just need to sign up here. That’s it.

Start follow some other blogs at tumblr, so that, you can get some followers.

Write what you want to share others. Hash tag plays an important role here to get traffic to your blog.


Wix is also a web 2.0 platform, where you can start your own blog with your domain name or subdomain name.

At wix, you can choose theme whatever you like from their collection.

You can also customize the theme as your required design.

After completing your blog design, you can start blogging. You should share your blog links to social media like Facebook, twitter, etc. so that, you can get traffic to your blog. How To Create a Blog For Free


Weebly is similar to wix. It is a popular web 2.0. You can start your blog with a domain name or subdomain name. They also offer you to design your own blog. So, make a beautiful blog website and start sharing your thoughts. For getting traffic to you blog you need to share your blog link at social platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc.


It is also a very popular platform for blogging. You just need to sign up here and start your blogging. After publishing articles here, you can share the links on social platforms. How To Create a Blog For Free

Why You Should Start Blogging at Blogging Networks

Blogging can be a very good career for you when you are an efficient and expert blogger. When you are a newbie, you should not invest on a blog. For being an expert and efficient blogger you should write on a regular basis at any blogging network.

When you find that you have some followers, and regular reader, then you should invest on your own personal blog.

This will help you to earn money from your own blog. How To Create a Blog For Free

End Words

There are many people who earn 5 to 6 digit from blogging. You can also earn money from blogging and consider blogging as a full time profession.

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