How to Survive Graduate School as a Working RN

In today’s overburdened healthcare system, it’s difficult enough to survive life as a working RN, let alone trying to make it through graduate school in one piece. The demands of the job are beyond what you could have envisioned while working toward your bachelor’s degree in nursing but still you want to do something more within the field. Whether you are preparing for a career as a nurse educator or looking to work as a Nurse Practitioner, you need that graduate degree to advance your career. So then, how can you survive graduate school as a working RN? Here are a few tips that should help.

Use Technology Wherever and Whenever Possible

If there is one thing that can be said about technology, it would be that it has truly made our lives easier in so many ways. As a working RN, you already rely on technology of all kinds throughout the course of the day when caring for patients. Why not put some of that technology to work for you? 

Perhaps you could install a few Smart controls in your home so that you can set thermostats remotely as you begin your journey home and monitor connected CCTV security cams periodically. What about bringing academia with you on one of the recommended nursing laptops that provide reliable internet connectivity with the features and programs you need to study remotely? The technology is there, so take advantage of it!

Schedule Time for R&R Breaks

There isn’t a machine on earth that can run without a power source. Even the momentum created by gravity when rolling a snowball downhill only lasts until it gets to the bottom. That’s not somewhere you want to be. Take time to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation along the way. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of rest, and have a bit of fun while you are at it. You have your work and school schedules in front of you so take a block of time to set aside each week to recharge those batteries being drained or you won’t stay in motion for long.

Be Aware of Your Own Limits

You have heard the old adage, “Physician heal thyself.” While you aren’t a physician, you understand what this means in terms of what it takes to maintain good health. You are constantly advising your patients to know the limits of what they can do and the importance of good nourishment and plenty of rest. If you are honest with yourself, this is probably not something you actually do for yourself. You know the importance of giving your body the tools it needs to stay in motion but are you actually doing this for yourself? If not, it’s time you started!

That graduate degree won’t do you much good if you are too burnt out to explore your possibilities. Take advantage of technology to make your life easier and pace yourself to keep your batteries charged. Your desire to advance in your career is commendable, so give yourself the tools you need to get there, and you just might be ready to begin a new journey that lies ahead.

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