How To Fix HP Printer Driver Is Unavailable?

How to Fix HP Printer Driver is Unavailable? This is a harsh reality that HP Printers though have unlimited benefits; but, they also accompany technical errors that hinder users’ work related to printing.

Considering this fact, there’s this error called HP Printer driver is unavailable that users mostly face.

This “printer driver is unavailable” error indicates that the error might have occurred due to two reasons and i.e., when the driver installed in your printer is compatible or outdated and when the driver is corrupt and the computer fails to recognize it.

How to Fix HP Printer Driver is Unavailable?

So, to help users to deal with this error effectively, we’ve discussed a few easy solutions for the same, and they are as follows:

Solution 1: Unplug the USB cable from Printer:

Sometimes, not the driver issue but just a simple connection problem between your computer and your HP Printer creates this issue. So, before directly moving on to the solution of “Update and Re-Install the Printer Driver” what best you can try is unplugging the USB cable from your printer and then plugging it back in.

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After that, ensure whether the problem still persists or not. If yes, then you’re good to go to perform the next solution to fix this error.

Solution 2: Update Your Windows Version:

Sometimes, when you forget to update your Windows operating system, it gets outdated, and thus, you start facing errors with all the applications available on your system. Considering this fact, it might be possible that behind your ‘HP Printer driver’s unavailable error’ the issue is nothing but your outdated version of the Windows operating system.

So, in this scenario, update your Windows O.S. using these steps to fix error related to your HP Printer driver:

  • To update your Windows O.S click on the ‘Windows Start Menu’ and in the search box type ‘Update.’
  • Then, from the available search result, click on the ‘Check for New Updates’ option.
  • After that, if the new update is available, Windows will automatically download it and you then just have to install it with the help of following on-screen instructions.
  • Lastly, once you finish the installation process, simply restart your Windows operating system to complete the process.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Re-Install the Printer Driver

As it is quite obvious that, the incompatible or corrupted drivers can be the root cause of the error, follow the below-given steps correctly to uninstall the corrupted drivers and then to re-installing the latest printer drivers:


  • Press Windows + R key shortcut together for a while in order to open the ‘Windows Run Dialog Box.’
  • In the blank field of the dialog box, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and hit on the ‘Enter’ button to open the ‘Device Manager’ option.
  • Then from it, click right on the ‘HP Printer’ from the available list of printers, who is showing driver unavailable error.
  • After selecting the correct HP printer, click on the ‘Uninstall device’ option to finally uninstall it from the Windows operating system.


  • In order to again install the HP Printer driver in your Windows operating system but this time the latest one, simply go to the HP official site and search for the compatible HP Printer driver for your system and then download it in order to install it using the on-screen instructions.
  • Another option to re-install the printer driver is to download and install the ‘Driver Easy.’ After installing the ‘Driver Easy’ you’ve to do nothing as it’ll automatically find and install the best printer driver for your operating system just by recognizing it itself.

Now, after re-installing the HP Printer driver, you also have to check whether you have installed it correctly or not and to do so, what you have to do is follow these steps:

  • First and foremost open the ‘Printer’ properties dialog box and then further tap on the ‘Setup’ tab.
  • After this, click on the ‘About’ option so that a dialog box will pop-up in front of you.
  • From it, check the version of the printer driver to ensure you’ve successfully reinstalled the latest driver.

To end this blog, let me tell you that as the Windows 10 driver is unavailable can occur due to various other reasons as well; it is also suggested by many that you can easily fix this error with the help of the HP Scan Doctor tool. So, download it to help yourself in the nearby future with such an issue.

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