6 Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

Apps can actually help you take charge of important aspects of your life, from your time to your health and family. Mobile apps will ease life’s daily hurdles and be a positive addition to your well-being. Whatever you need help with, there’s the one that can aid you with that.

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Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

In the ever-changing world of technology, there is a deluge of apps available, all claiming to boost efficiency, make your life fun and easier, among other advantages. That said, downloading too many of them can be overwhelming and might lead to confusion. So, which apps do your really need? We’ve put together a list of six that will go a long way in improving different aspects of your life. Let’s dive in.

Life-Changing Mobile Apps

#1 Waking Up

The Waking Up app by Sam Harris comes with daily exercises that will keep you on track, a timer for ensuring you concentrate on mediation without distractions and inspiration images that complement the guided meditations.

The application, which uses mindfulness, philosophy, and science, helps even critics see the meditation’s actual benefits. It doesn’t essentially focus on a higher power but allows users to access parts of themselves, such as decision-making and reasoning, more effectively. It brings more clarity to users, enabling them to connect to themselves on a deeper and more realistic level. Among its many benefits are anxiety management, self-discovery, and change of perspective.


WHOOP allows you to track your health and fitness journey and provides information to improve your habits. This is actually the only tracker that tells you when you shouldn’t work out. What makes it stand out is its reputation among athletes, including Michael Phelps and fitness trainers. WHOOP is designed to help you get more sleep and enhance your exercise performance.

#3 WeCroak

Are you suffering from anxiety, mental fatigue, burnout, or depression? WeCroak is based on a Bhutanese folk saying: “To be really happy, you have to think about death five times every day.” It uses a logo of a poison dart frog to remind you of your imminent fate. Despite the startling nature, it’s supposed to teach you to let go of what does not matter, appreciate what does, and implement the needed change.

#4 1Password

Want to log in to any site with only a simple click, generate dozens of new online passwords, and save them? 1Password can help you do all that. This amazing password manager, available across Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac, will minimize security breaches by creating strong, unique passwords for all the sites you visit and provide you easy access to the passwords whenever you need them.

#5 Trello

Trello is a project management solution that enables small and mid-size companies to plan and track projects. As an owner of a business, Trello allows you to assign tasks, conduct discussions, add documents and checklists, and track the progress. Moreover, your team can communicate privately, discuss projects, and follow updates in real-time.

#6 Instacart

Are you looking for mobile apps during the COVID pandemic? Instacart has revolutionized how grocery shopping is done. All you need to do is place your order using your smartphone, computer, or tablet; then, a personal shopper gets everything for you. Within several hours or a timeframe of your choosing, your groceries are delivered right to your doorstep. This is the perfect solution if you have a busy schedule, which will also help you adhere to the social distancing guidelines.


Apps are everywhere. According to research, Americans, on average, spend almost three hours daily using mobile apps. As such, if you’re going to spend so much of your life playing, listening, or using a program, then it better be worth it, right? Whether you’re purchasing the app, it’s free, or native to your mobile device; you need the one that can positively impact your life. 

The good news is, the six products listed show you why some mobile apps are popular. From giving you joy and clearing your mind to simplify your routine and helping you live a better and more fulfilled life.  Thus, you will avoid stress, boredom, and burnout, ultimately increasing your productivity. 

Clear a bit of space on your gadget and take advantage of what these amazing apps have to offer. Please let us know in the comments below if you’ve used any of these and how they’ve helped you.

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