Progressive Web Apps and Improved User Engagement

Building Mobile Applications are expensive. The alternative for the same was much searched while the pace of the application trend started in daily life. That is when the Progressive Web Apps takes advantage of the latest technologies to combine both web and mobile apps. Conveying the meaning in simple words, a PWA is a website that feels like a Mobile App.

Defining Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are the latest technology in application development where an app-like experience can be seen in a browser itself. The idea behind the technology is to bring in an adoptable experience across all devices without having to download and install from app stores. Technically speaking, you can have multiple apps opened as a tab in your browser. More and more Web Development Companies have been investing in technology to provide service to their clients.

What’s the Difference?

A Progressive Web App should work on any type of device, regardless of the OS employed in the system/device. These apps are not to be confused with Hybrid applications. These Apps are hosted just like a website just as to adapt to the operating device, unlike hybrid apps that need to be locally installed and updated in regular periods as of newly released versions.

Here’s the real deal! Can these apps improve User Engagement?

One of the key objectives of developing any technology is to get on board as many users or customers as possible. The PWA’s were developed and are growing in their market share because of the proven engagement by the users. The benefits of having a PWA in a brand’s inventory of application platforms, the advantages are quite valuable. Progressive Web Apps

No need for App Store to host the app

There is no guarantee that having an app on the Play Store or the App Store will bring in more downloads. There’s much competition among many already having a similar application such as yours. If the user visits your website, he/she is already using your App. Sounds interesting right? Definitely Works!
Works offline

Once you visit a PWA enabled website, a cache of the content will be downloaded onto your device. This helps in faster loading of the website almost proving like an offline version of the website when no internet or poor connection. The data syncs to the servers once you get a better connection.

Get the latest always

Constant pop-ups to update your apps can be really irritating to users. But having PWA can get the user always the latest version as there is no local application and every time the fresh, new, and latest is available to you as soon as you visit the site. Progressive Web Apps

Instant loading

Users tend to leave the website if the loading time is more than anticipated. And this is the case with both websites and apps. This can be overcome with Progressive Web Apps as the data cache is available offline and helps to load the website in less time.
PWAs leverage the advantage of a much bigger ecosystem, plugins, and enjoy the ease of faster deployment and easy maintenance compared to the applications in the stores.

These can be built in less time and give an app user experience to users in a native environment. These apps have proved again and again with many case studies such as Flipkart Lite, BigBasket, Washington Post, and many leveraging the advancement of technology which helps in building the customer-centric usage platforms. Progressive Web Apps

With the increasing number of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc, software development companies are bringing in more Human Resources to employ in the division. Banking Applications, Security Application, Social Media Apps,

Shopping Apps, Ecommerce Apps, etc with capital available has been experimenting with new platforms for customers. PWA as of now is a better platform than the existing apps in terms of providing user engagement. Progressive Web Apps

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