Tech Tricks For Devices That Everyone Should Know

When buying a new device such as a phone or tablet, they don’t usually come with a user’s manual that details every single feature available. With many people now working remotely, there are many tech challenges that can arise. Even when doing things like searching online for the sport news to wager on your favorite sports, there is likely an easier way to do it. 

Many shortcuts make it possible to complete tasks quickly in a short amount of time rather than doing it the hard way. However, no matter how well you know your devices, there will always be some hacks or shortcuts that we are not aware of. So here are some tech tips that will make everyday life easier:

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Deleting Last 15 Minutes of Search History on Google

The Google app has a new feature allowing you to delete the last 15 minutes’ search history with just a single step. This feature has been around for over a year and was only available for iOs users until recently. Please note that the feature will delete search history from the entire Google account and not just from the device being used.  

All users need to do is open the Google app and tap on the display picture at the top right of the screen. Next, choose the “Delete last 15 minutes” option when opening the menu. Once selected, a confirmation message will be displayed with the opportunity to cancel the action if you change your mind.  

Store a Digital SIgnature

If using a Mac, you can create a virtual signature without Adobe Acrobat by using the Preview app. Just go to “Preview” and choose “Tools,” then select “Annotate.” Then choose “Manage signatures” under the “Signature” option. 

There are two ways to create the signature. You can either use the trackpad to sign your name or sign your name on a piece of white paper and scan it with the webcam.  

Use Google to Search Specific Websites

It’s easy for anyone to turn Google into a search engine for any website by only using the tab button. Just type the URL of the site you want to search, and instead of hitting enter, press the tab key. The URL will then change to a search engine for that site. All that’s left is to type in the search term and press enter. 

For Safari and Firefox, it works a little differently. First, enter the search term followed by “site:” and then the URL of the website you’re looking to search.  

Find Any MS Word File

This trick is for anyone who has ever closed a word file by mistake without saving it. Just search “.asd” in the file search under My PC to find the documents where Windows has a copy of the file. 

Close Multiple Mobile Apps Quickly

If you use an iPhone, it’s possible to close up to three apps at once. Just double-click the home button, which will bring up a list of the apps running. Then hold three fingers over the apps on the screen and swipe up to close them. 

For Android devices, click the home button and select the option to close all recent apps. This is only available in newer Android versions. 

Make Templates For Most-Used Documents

If you use a lot of the same documents and want to save time instead of filling everything in every time you use them, you may want to think about turning them into templates in Word. Just open the document you wish to change to a template and select File>Save as. 

After you choose where to save it, Word asks to name the file where you’ll see an option that says “Save as type.” Next, click the drop-down menu, and instead of choosing “Word document,” select “Word template.” After saving, you’ll have a template to use and only need to fill out the important sections the next time you need it. 

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