Thriving Jobs During Covid-19

Thriving Jobs The Covid-19 crisis has affected industries, communities, and countries around the world. Job loss is an impact most people felt in their families in one way or another. Bad situations are often ripe for learning. The job market during Covid-19 has taught us which jobs are thriving through the epidemic. The short answer is tech jobs. Instead of fighting for end-cap space at large retailers, companies are competing online to reach more customers.

Thriving Jobs During Covid-19

The online marketplace is anything but simple. To get an edge on their competition, companies hire tech talent to create easy to use websites and spend thousands of dollars marketing to reach potential customers. These jobs improve the experience of online shoppers (encouraging them to make purchases) or increase the company’s online presence.

Mobile Developer

If a company doesn’t already have an app, they probably have one in development. Mobile apps are accessible to nearly all customers. For this reason, a career in mobile development will survive the current economic crisis. Companies use apps for various purposes, chief of which is to keep you on their products. Webpages make it too easy to navigate to a competitor’s website while apps are company-specific.

Mobile developers work with programs to build apps, but also know a few coding languages. You can learn to be a mobile app developer without a degree. The languages you need to know depend on the platform you are working on, Android or iOS. Companies need both iOS and Android apps, so pick a platform before you start to learn any new languages.

Being a mobile developer is a safe career with many opportunities. Mobile devices have a high density in the world’s population, encouraging companies to build well-developed apps.

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SEO Expert

Search engines are the quickest way to get information on the Internet. Even if you know your destination, you probably search the company instead of typing in the actual web address. Search engines are the directories of the Internet, but they aren’t in alphabetical order. Google and other search engines continuously peruse the Internet and determine which content is the most authoritative or relevant to a particular search. For example, when you enter the query ‘towels,’ Bed, Bath, & Beyond would like their company to appear first.

Enter the SEO expert; SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These individuals understand the best way to get their company to the top of the list. The order you appear on a list is generally referred to as ranking. Companies hire SEO experts to optimize their web content and devise a strategy to rank higher on search engines.

Covid-19 has driven more commerce online, increasing the importance of this role at companies. As the algorithms for ranking are continually evolving, companies will employ SEO experts as long as online search engines are the primary method to navigate the web.

Data Science

Mobile app developers and SEO experts need data to perform their jobs with fidelity. Data scientists are often the ones providing relevant data. Everything you do on the Internet creates a data point. This data can be overwhelming in its raw form. Data scientists create and run algorithms to select, prioritize, and organize data.

Data scientists play a vital role in a company’s decision-making process. The information provides executives and other decision-makers with data on the effectiveness of their current model. Covid-19 has slowed the economy, and consumers aren’t spending money as freely as before the pandemic. This change in purchasing behavior requires companies to focus their efforts to maintain revenue levels. To make a high-level impact, execs need to make decisions based on data versus gut feeling.

The future for data scientist roles looks promising. The average starting salary for a data scientist is between $50,000-60,000. Data scientists are essential to leveraging high output actions and keeping operating costs lean. Most data scientists have college degrees in data science or related fields, but with the rise of boot camps, it is possible to become a data scientist with no degree.

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Tech Jobs Will Continue To Thrive

It will take the economy some time to return to its pre-COVID-19 position. Companies are going to be tentative about hiring or offering new services as consumers have less discretionary funds. Tech jobs are impactful roles that help a company reduce spending and increase efficiency. Even during tough economic times, companies will employ tech workers as they are an essential part of the business.

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