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What is Tungsten? And, Why Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings are Widely Bought?

What is Tungsten? And, Why Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings are Widely Bought?
Tungsten, commonly known as Wolfram is a chemical element with heavy stone configuration. The heaviest metal residing in the jewelry genre, positioned with the highest melting point and sophisticated as the most scratch resistant metal is the popular brand name for men’s wedding rings in several countries. What is Tungsten?
Like the gold, tungsten cannot be used in its purest form. So it is combined with carbon, cobalt or nickel to address it as tungsten carbide. This is the reason men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands are in much use. The ideal metal for wedding bands is considered to be tungsten. This helpful guide will do the need of letting you inform about tungsten carbide wedding bands pros and cons, shopping tips, characteristics, and styles to avoid and best styles to wear. What is Tungsten?

First, as you start with the letter ‘A’ in English alphabets, read down to know the characteristics:-

  1. Over the ‘old guard’ metal tungsten carbide wedding bands has become the de facto standard u nit for the younger couples to possess a wedding band that is actually nit draining your pocket.
  2. Tungsten is a star sign of the improvement that has been made in the modern technology. It shades a modern stainless steel appearance that pits for its heavy selling.
  3. On buying tungsten, be sure that you are taking home a high quality and comfortable look without the high price point. It has got high industrial strength thereby reducing the fear of scratch.
  4. People with sensitive skin should pick this jewelry because it is hypoallergenic. That means you are not going to have any kind of irritations on skin.
  5. It all takes a dishwasher soap and warm water to maintain it. Very low maintenance and high productivity is always tungsten promised with. What is Tungsten?

What is the best tungsten carbide for wedding bands?

When compounded with a nickel binder, tungsten grades away from the qualitative tungsten carbide wedding bands. Avoid buying tungsten carbide combined with cobalt binders strictly. The reason is quite simple. They will react dangerously upon your skin. So, it is advisable to invest your pocket on a tungsten carbide band that is compounded only with nickel. What is Tungsten?

What is about Black Tungsten Rings?

Most of the black rings are plated over the natural gray tungsten. Tungsten men ring black color looks extravagant. The only problem with these rings is that they are not scratch proof. So, even if you have made up your mind to get one among the black rings, then go for Titanium Kay 2nd Generation rings. These rings are associated with solid black inlay features with scratch proof characteristics. What is Tungsten?

Why Tungsten carbide wedding Bands are in popular demand?

The versatility of tungsten is not limited to one or two characteristics. Like the tungsten men rings black product is widely used for wedding or casual wear, in the same way, wedding bands or rings come in fit rings, flat bands rings with brushed layers and channel set diamond tungsten rings. For women, there are tensions set tungsten engagement rings.
If you are prepared to take back home a tension set ring of tungsten, then set it right away with sapphires, diamonds, rubies or moissanite. If you want something solid like black or grey, you can even buy tungsten with inlay fillings. Unlike gold with yellow color, you will get a variety of unique colors from tungsten made rings or bands. What is Tungsten?

What are the myths set for Tungsten?

It has been always pertinent about tungsten to be laid by several sources a cumulative level of myths that dismantle your decision. Some common unsung myths are:-

1.    Tungsten cannot be removed

The popular myth that runs vivid is that tungsten ring cannot be removed during an immediate circumstance due to its hardness. With gold, while removing it might bend. But tungsten will not harm any layer of your skin while removing it from your finger.

2.    Pure tungsten carbide rings are shaped

It is a bizarre myth but yes, it exists. Just like pure gold, customers search for pure tungsten products. Tungsten is so hard that it cannot be shaped unless it is compounded with cobalt or nickel. Otherwise, it will not work into ant band or ring.
3.    Tungsten rings are forever apparels
It is simply not true that tungsten is never going to break. No doubt it is hard, but a sharp blow can shatter a tungsten product. It is scratch-resistant, but it is not possible that it cannot be broken.
The guide beads a complete enroute about all the doubts that you still would be having with Tungsten. Check it with these lines and get a good band or ring for your potential partner. What is Tungsten?

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