Why are Yahoo Chat Rooms Closed?

Why are Yahoo Chat Rooms Closed? And What are the Best Features of Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo chat rooms: The saga

Chat rooms have become quite popular over the past few years as people love to interact online especially the introverts who do not like to expose their identity. A few big names have emerged in the last couple of years but the service offered by the original Yahoo chat room has remained unparalleled. 

The chat room made it possible for people from different parts of the world to interact as well as make friends with strangers. In today’s blog, we will be talking about the rise and the fall of this giant service.

The Yahoo chat room was originally launched on 7th January 1997 for the very first time. At first, it was just a public chat room that turned out to become one of the most popular and prominently accessed chat rooms around the globe. 

Over time, Yahoo launched its very first Yahoo pager. The announcement was made by the Yahoo developer itself. One of the most exclusive and awaited features of this pager being the Yahoo chat room. 

Safe to say that this chat room won hearts in an instant as the youngsters of that generation still talk about the good old days as they used this chat feature to make friends with different people from around the globe along with many other people.

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Features of Yahoo Messenger

After a couple of years, the Yahoo pager was renamed Yahoo messenger in 1999. The messenger offered similar instant messaging services just like the previous one. More than a decade later, in December 2012, Yahoo decided to shut down this chat room service. This came as a heartbreak for the users of the Yahoo chat rooms. This came as a shock to all the Yahoo chat room users from around the globe.

One of the main reasons for shutting this chat room down was that they thought that if they shut this down, then the company will be able to promote other Yahoo products and services that are not receiving enough credit. 

The Yahoo free chat also had several other issues that caused severe inconvenience to the users. One of the major ones being the spambots which randomly kicked people out of the chat room without notifying them.

After the demise of this chat room, a Yahoo messenger app was developed again with the previous features like any other messaging app. A few major changes catch the eye. Let us talk about some of the major features of the Yahoo live chat rooms.

  1. Delete sent messages-This feature where you can unsend any message that was delivered earlier by you was first brought by Yahoo, although it did not get the attention up until it was introduced for Whatsapp. 
  1. Launching GIF features-The messenger allowed the users to send some exclusive GIFs to their friends and family to make the conversation more entertaining. It also gives you the option to chat.
  1. Supports option of sending images-In a time where most software still does not support the option of sending images, Yahoo messenger comes with an easy way to send images as most of the software that supports sending images have a very complicated method. You can send a total of 100 images to your contacts. The only drawback might be the fact that the images are sent in low resolution.
  1. Easy to access-The process of accessing this messenger is rather simple. All you have to do is to enter your login ID and the account password and you are good to go. The best thing about this app is that you can use it on any platform, be it a computer or a smartphone.
  1. The availability of offline features-This is probably one of the best and the most awaited features that came along with this app. Before a lack of connection meant that the user will not be able to send the images, but not for the users of Yahoo messenger as the app sends the images on its own once a network connection is available.

Even for the great services that it offered, it was shut down in 2018. Although a petition was filed by people to replace this messenger with an app by the name of Yahoo together, the mission wasn’t accomplished and the saga ultimately ended on 4th April 2019.For any more info, visit the onlinegeeks.net website.

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